Third Party Inspection


Third Party Inspection Service are ;  

Technical control, test, evaluation and approval services in order to document and certificate of the purchased/ordered product with relavent to the international standards, codes and client’s technical specification during or after the manufacturing.

PGM, within the scope of Third Party Inspection services provides  the below services:

- Refineries and power plants manufacturing process controls

- Storage tanks, pipelines and steel construction manufacturing project controls,  process controls and reporting

- Boilers and pressure vessels manufacturing process control

- Approval and evaluation of the welding procedures

- Approval and evaluation of the welders

- Approval and evaluation of the materials

- Approval and evaluation of the fittings and equipments (pumps,valves, elbows, flange.etc

- Cranes, Lifting and forwarding equipment manufacturing process control and control of the product.

- Inspection services for products manufacturing, transportation-shipping, storage, loading-unloading and distribution of the products.

- Supervision of the pressure tests and approval of the reports

- Supervision of the equipment function and load test and approval of the reports.

- Periodical Controls and reporting

-Witnessing of the pre-commissioning, commissioning and project approval  of the plants/equipment.

A “Thirdy Party Inspection Certificate” will be prepared for related  products/plants at the end of the completion of the project.

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